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-- chachaReports [CR] began pestering mildtemperedGuardian [MG] at 01:40 --
[01:41] CR: Heey there hows my favorite angel?
[01:41] MG: Oh?
[01:41] MG: I'm the favorite?
[01:41] MG: Well, Miss Chaqueta, I'm simply flattered.
[01:42] CR: well
[01:42] CR: the only Angel I've gotten to know tbh
[01:42] MG: Pfft.
[01:42] MG: Well, still.
[01:42] MG: I'll take the compliment
[01:44] CR: Get all the sand outta ya yet?
[01:45] MG: Yup.
[01:45] CR: Yeah
[01:45] CR: sorry about that haha
[01:46] MG: Hey no worries.
[01:46] MG: I was gonna fake trip either way.
[01:46] MG: So thanks for making it look authentic
[01:46] CR: oh gosh really
[01:47] MG: Of course.
[01:47] MG: No way in hell i'd let Pom come in anything lower than first.
[01:47] MG: Girl's too cheery for that.
[01:48] MG: So i was gonna trip, wait a bit, then make a struggle for second.
[01:48] MG: But then you came in with those hips of steel and pulled a total 180 on me.
[01:48] MG: By the way, nice pun delivery.
[01:49] CR: Girl is alot faster than when confined tbh she didn't need my help after all!
[01:49] CR: And its what I do best of course.
[01:51] MG: True that
[01:51] MG: to both of those statements.
[01:55] MG: So how are you doing tonight?
[01:56] CR: I'm doing well.
[01:57] CR: Pretty tired from the race thou gg
[01:57] MG: Same.
[01:57] MG: Sister just got back and plopped on the couch right off to sleep.
[01:59] CR: oh ho ho! I didn't know you had a sister
[01:59] MG: Eeeyup, that I do miss!
[01:59] MG: She's a bit hard headed now and then, but she's really a fun person.
[02:00] MG: She knows how to dance I'll tell you that.
[02:02] CR: OH MAN YES
[02:02] MG: I'm sure she'd love to.
[02:02] MG: Meanwhile I got two left feet when it ccomes to stuff like that.
[02:02] MG: I'd like to learn how to one of these days.
[02:03] CR: I could teach you!
[02:04] MG: R-really??
[02:04] MG: That'd be amazing!
[02:05] CR: Yeah I intend to teach all the kittens in Psi one of these days so you an extrra student doesn't bother me
[02:07] MG: I appreciate it.
[02:07] MG: How are the little guys and gals doing.
[02:08] MG: Miss those little ones even after a day.
[02:09] CR: They're doing alright
[02:09] CR: They miss "Papa Obi" though I admit
[02:09] MG: D'aww.
[02:09] MG: I'll be there first thing tomorrow.
[02:10] MG: Can't even imagine a week without seeing all of them.
[02:10] CR: Every house need a papa to go along with the mama!
[02:11] MG: I heard that.
[02:11] MG: It's only a matter of time 'til one of them asks to play house.
[02:14] CR: dibs on being the dad
[02:15] CR: I have the jokes for it
[02:15] MG: Well.
[02:15] MG: Alright then.
[02:15] MG: I did inherit my mum's hair so, why not.
[02:17] CR: and u look pretty cute in a ponytail I got to say
[02:17] MG: Oh please
[02:17] MG: don't make me blush miss rocks a ponytail really well
[02:21] CR: Aww thank you I'm flattered.
[02:21] MG: Hey. I know good hair when I see it.
[02:21] MG: And you've definitely got it.
[02:21] MG: Also, I know I haven't said it often but ummm..
[02:22] MG: Thanks for your help with well... everything.
[02:22] MG: Psi and Pom especially.
[02:23] CR: Happy to do my part in what ever way I can!
[02:24] MG: And I appreciate it.
[02:24] MG: You're definitely one of a kind, Miss Chaqueta.
[02:27] CR: now you're making me blush oh man.
[02:29] CR: whoo I'm dozing off. Seeyou tomorrow to play house heehee!
-- chachaReports [CR] ceased pestering mildtemperedGuardian [MG] at 02:31 --
-- chachaReports [CR] changed their mood to OFFLINE  --
DCW Pesterlog: Sand between the ears
Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, the S.S. ObiJuan is off to some smooth sailing with plenty of calm waters and cheesy puns ahead.

Obi: :icongertaku051:

Chaqueta: :iconsenseidezzy:
-- mildtemperedGuardian [MG] began pestering chachaReports [CR] at 21:50 --
[09:51] MG: Heya.
[09:51] CR: Hola there!
[09:52] MG: How you doin'?
[09:55] CR: I'm doing good. How about? Had fun losing to Pom haha
-- chachaReports [CR] changed their mood to OFFLINE  --
[10:00] MG: Oh yeah, that race of hers.
-- chachaReports [CR] changed their mood to CHUMMY  --
[10:06] MG: She actually challeneged me to a race.
[10:06] MG: And I told her you could tag along.
[10:07] CR: Sounds like fu, I'm in.
[10:07] CR: Becareful tho
[10:07] CR: i'm pretty competitive
[10:09] MG: Oh I believes ya.
[10:10] CR: last place has to fork over their snack time cookie to winner
[10:10] CR: so
[10:10] CR: stakes are high
[10:10] MG: A risk worth taking.
[10:11] MG: Ugh.
[10:12] MG: I adore that child.
[10:12] CR: My child
[10:12] CR: my precious little fluffy kitten
[10:12] MG: She's a fast one.
[10:13] CR: She runs on rainbows, its to be expected.
[10:14] MG: A rainbow runner.
[10:15] MG: I'm surprised by her though.
[10:15] MG: To go through the wastes without a single guardian and still come out chipper...
[10:15] MG: She amazes me.
[10:15] MG: Wish I had some of her optimism.
[10:17] CR: Her innocence and joyfulness is something I want to protect. Very easy to lose that here.
[10:19] MG: Same.
[10:19] MG: It's people like her that make me glad I was able to stay who I was.
[10:21] MG: And why I stop by Psi every so often.
[10:22] MG: Well, her and you.
[10:23] CR: Always happy to have share my workload with the kids.
[10:23] CR: Me what why me
[10:23] MG: Well, it's just that..
[10:24] MG: You give off like..
[10:24] MG: this really positive vibe.
[10:24] MG: And it's something that I really haven't been feeling for a while.
[10:24] MG: ANd it's just nice to really feel that again.
[10:25] MG: So um...
[10:25] MG: Thank you, Chaqueta.
[10:27] CR: Hey man just beause its a wasteland out here don't we got to act unpleasant.
[10:27] CR: I'm really flattered though
[10:27] MG: No worries.
[10:27] MG: Um
[10:28] MG: sorry if that sounded weird.
[10:28] CR: Nah you didn't.
[10:28] CR: Stay strong Tiger
[10:28] MG: You too, Chacha.
[10:28] CR: actually you're more like a lion with that mane of yours
[10:29] MG: It's a hassle to keep up but I do like it.
[10:30] CR: Oh man what ever you do don't let Pom near it
[10:30] CR: She got stuck in Rompers and that was an adventure.
[10:30] MG: I heard about it.
[10:31] MG: Sorry I didn't make it in time.
[10:31] MG: Had to take care of some personal issues.
[10:32] CR: No worries! Was pretty short anyway you didn't miss much.
[10:33] MG: Yeah but..
[10:33] MG: Well..
[10:33] MG: I kinda don't see people that much.
[10:33] MG: It's been something I've been meaning to kick away for a while.
[10:36] CR: I don't doubt you'll get another chance to familiarize with the others here and other bases.
[10:36] CR: Besides
[10:36] CR: You've already meat two of the most important people already haha
[10:36] MG: Yeah true.
[10:36] MG: God, those two.
[10:37] MG: Besides my sister and my other family.
[10:37] MG: Those 2 are some of the closest people I consider my family.
[10:40] CR: Who are they?
[10:40] CR: I have a feeling you're not talking about me and Pom haha
[10:40] MG: Kit and Anklet.
[10:40] MG: And oh no don't get me wrong
[10:40] MG: You two are important.
[10:42] CR: Anklet and Kit... Oooooh! Beefcake and coldstone I remember those two.
[10:42] MG: Yup.
[10:42] MG: Ah man, you should've seen them before the fall.
[10:43] MG: They helped me alot ranking up wise.
[10:44] MG: And just really the best of friends I could ask for.
[10:46] CR: They sound like it.
[10:46] MG: I couldn't ask for better people well deserving of the title.
[10:46] MG: In fact, kind of a dumb story but uh...
[10:46] MG: Kit's kinda the reason I keep my hair this long.
[10:47] MG: She said It'd suit me well.
[10:47] CR: Oh ho ho is that true now?
[10:47] MG: Heh, yeah.
[10:48] MG: That and long hair runs through my mom's side of the family.
[10:48] MG: Figured I'd get it someday.
[10:48] CR: It looks good on you.
[10:48] CR: Long and untamed
[10:48] CR: contrast to how your are
[10:49] CR: c'ept for the long part
[10:49] CR: damn ur tall
[10:49] MG: Not really sure where I got that part of my genes tbh.
[10:50] MG: My mom's about 6'3 and so's my dad.
[10:50] CR: gg ur all tall
[10:51] MG: Yup.
[10:51] MG: The lineage of the Ravissepto family.
[10:52] CR: Ravissepto
[10:53] CR: how do you pronounce that
[10:53] MG: Rah
[10:53] MG: Veh
[10:53] MG: Sep
[10:53] MG: Toh
[10:54] CR: Oooo thats a fun last name to say
[10:54] CR: Rrrrrravissepto
[10:54] MG: Heh.
[10:55] MG: Believe it or not, that actually comes from my mom
[10:55] MG: mom's side
[10:55] MG: It was sorta my grand-dad's request.
[10:55] CR: Aww how nice.
[10:56] MG: God, I hope those two are safe.
[10:58] CR: Are they in the astes as well?
[10:58] MG: Somewhere outside of it.
[10:58] MG: Last time I heard was that they're gonna make their way to Daten.
[10:59] CR: ah well anywhere is better to here, no?
[10:59] MG: True.
[10:59] MG: I know they can make it.
[10:59] MG: If there's anyone out there that can handle a challenge, it's my mom.
[11:00] MG: Did I ever tell you the story of how she and my dad met?
[11:00] CR: No, do tell though I LOVE stories.
[11:00] MG: I never get tired of telling this.
[11:00] MG: Ok, so.
[11:01] MG: My dad was a pride fallen and my mom was a wrath fallen.
[11:01] MG: It was around the late 50's or early 60's and my dad, being the total greaser trash that he was back then put's out this flyer for some biker gang.
[11:02] MG: My mom get's the flier and meets him in this cheap ass garage and he's just dressed up in the most 50's clothing you could imagine.
[11:03] MG: Like he was puked right out of the Fonz's mouth.
[11:03] MG: And immediately, the guy starts laughing, saying that there's no way that
[11:03] MG: and I quote
[11:03] MG: "He's gonna let a woman come in and priss up his gang."
[11:04] MG: Mom starts shooting at his feet and has him on the floor screaming like a little girl in seconds.
[11:04] MG: Immediately get's in.
[11:05] MG: Hell, she became the VP of that gang!
[11:05] MG: AND the treasurer!
[11:05] CR: Fucking nice
[11:05] CR: I like your mom
[11:05] MG: She's the best.
[11:05] CR: I like her a whole lot jus from that omfg
[11:06] MG: And she's like
[11:06] MG: a total sweetheart.
[11:07] MG: Dad always said that she practically babytalked with me for the first 3 years of my life.
-- chachaReports [CR] changed their mood to OFFLINE  --
-- chachaReports [CR] changed their mood to CHUMMY  --
[11:10] CR: whoa sorry about the short dissconnect
[11:10] MG: No worries.
[11:11] CR: I didn't even know gangs had VPs and treasurers tbh haha
[11:12] MG: Mom demanded such.
[11:12] MG: And Dad didn't want to be demoted to punching bag.
[11:13] CR: I love your mom holy shit
[11:14] CR: got to go one of the kiddys ant me to read them a story before bed, literally can't refuse tbh!
[11:15] MG: Oh no worries!
[11:15] MG: Need me to drop by and help?
[11:17] CR: Yeah, you can be the big bad wolf while I be little Red.
[11:17] MG: Awesome.
[11:17] MG: I'll see if there's any red hoods in my closet.
-- chachaReports [CR] ceased pestering mildtemperedGuardian [MG] at 23:17 --
-- chachaReports [CR] changed their mood to OFFLINE  --
DCW Pesterlog: Maiden Voyage of the S.S. Obi Juan
Me and :iconsenseidezzy: ship Obi and Chaqueta like crazy before I even released him into DCW. Now all you viewers at home can watch from the comfort of your internet enabled device and watch this ship slowly go out to sea.

Obi: :icongertaku051:

Chaqueta: :iconsenseidezzy:

PSG and it's respective properties belong to Gainax.
Name: Sleeves Ravissepto
Age: 151 (Born on June 23, 1982)
Gender: Female
Species: Angel
Rank: Archangel
Weapon: J-flame; a pair of tonfa guns.
Class: Recruit
Base: Delta, previously at Sigma.

Personality: The eldest Ravissepto sibling has learned over the years that with great power comes great responsibility. And although she might not exactly be the highest rank, she still knows how to do her job if given. She's still got that party fun-fun girl-esque that she had before the fall, but managed to get an abrasive side as well. She has been known to be hard-headed, as her brother can confirm that. She's not a total hard-ass, as she tries her best to find someone's funny bone and get 'em to smile. And hey, if you strike a fancy at her, chances are she'll strike a fancy right back at you!

Bio: Life was rather the tricky bitch for Sleeves. Trying to take care of both herself and her younger sibling AND redeeming herself in the eyes of the lord was quite the task at hand, and throw in some video game addiction and sleeping problems to make it all the more interesting/hectic for her. But through sheer dumb fuckery luck and actually learning to take a hint or two, Sleeves managed to get on a roll of getting shit done alongside her baby brother. She was very proud of both herself and Obi as the two got their shit together. Although she was saddened at first to see her baby brother leave, she knew that he was in good hands with his grandpappy, and focused more on her training and schoolwork.

By the time three years had come around and Obi had come back, Sleeves was now a redeemed angel and had kicked almost all of her video game habits out the window. She tidied up her shit, got a pretty good sleeping schedule and GASP, cut off some of her hair! Thing was getting too long anyway, and hot dang, she actually found short cuts to be pretty damn light on her. Never the less, she greeted Obi with open arms and was happy to have her sibling back.

2033 eventually rolls around, and Sleeves is in the same boat with her brother and pretty much all of Daten. She was EXTREMELY terrified at the fact that the heavens themselves were also being attacked because A.) Family is up there and B.) Fucking FAMILY IS UP THERE!! But she had to be strong. If push came to shove and bad came to worse, she was going to try her best to take care of her sibling by herself.

Years have passed and the Ravissepto family has grown a bit bitter over the years. While Obi was dealing with his personal problems, Sleeves was doing her damnedest to make sure the two were stable together and in a home that was habitable and immediately signed up for whatever work needed to be done in the first place. This combination of hard work and taking care of her brother turned Sleeves into a bit of a hard-headed person.

And then April 26th happened. Sleeves was all too shocked to even think something like this would happen! She was lucky enough to be part of 10 percent that survived the attack, but didn't come out unscathed. She got a bit of a nasty scar on the left side of her face as well as one that runs up the back of her left leg. And in that brief moment of terror, Sleeves nearly thought she was done for, that all her efforts were towards naught and she'd die knowing she never said goodbye to her brother, whom was currently battling some terrors of his own. Luckily, someone was watching out for her as the first thing she did when she got her booty back to Psi was give her brother the biggest and tightest hug ever, to which he happily returned with equal affection.

As of now, Sleeves does tries to do her best as both a sister and a fighter, hoping that there will be a day where she and her brother can go back to the way things were those centuries ago. But for now, She get's by with a little help from her friends.

Relations with others:

-Kit and Anklet:
Although her bond with the two isn't as strong as Obi's, she is thankful for them being their for Obi as both friends and emotional support and see's them as great allies/leaders.

-Chaqueta: Off the bat she knew that she was going to like this girl, and so did her brother as well! The former reporter reminded Sleeves of her Pre-war spunk back in the day. However she was MORE surprised at how interested Obi was in her, which made the sister grin in pure teasing glee, knowing she was going to have a hell of a good time teasing her brother about his newly smitten thoughts about the human.

-Romper and Sadie: Something about making your own weapons has interested Sleeves alot, and these two chickadee's manage to do it with flying colors. The elder Ravissepto sibling admires the two for their spunk and not to mention their hair. An aussie that can rock a jumpsuit and a chick who knows how to make killer clothing? Automatically earns a good spot in the angel's book.

-Sari: Ships Obi/Chacha along side her. Good way to become friends if she does say so herself.


-Bisexual. Hasn't really had the time to find a certain someone, but is cool with a smooch every now and then.

-Why yes, she has cut her hair short. Why yes, it does make movement more quicker for missions.

- If you'd like to know about her before the fall and back when things were peachy, baboom.

-Wasn't there during Obi's night terror pandemic, so was very much not in the know of what happened before her brother told her.

-Her henshin theme

- While she has grown out of her video game 24/7 habit during her pre-war years, Sleeves still pockets a GBC and plays every now and then to pass the time.

-Had a Zipper Pet Jaguar named Takedown that she kept during her time in Sigma. Sadly lost her during the April 26th incident after it shielded her from most of the chaos. She has gotten a tattoo of her unzipped form across her leg to commemorate her loss and to also cover up the scarred area.

 -Still hasn't lost that dancing fever and looooves to shake that groove thang.

-Chumhandle: thornedOrchid
Name: Obi Ravissepto
Age: 144 (Born on August 5, 1989)
Gender: Male
Height:  6'11.5
Species: Angel
Rank: Archangel
Weapon: Guinness; a long reach chainsaw.
Class: Recruit
Base: Originally Delta, moved to Psi after a bad night terror incident.

Personality: Although he still retains a bit of his goofballish behavior from his pre-war years, Obi's personality has changed over the many decades he's spent in the now ruined Daten.  He's become a tad bit stubborn and often direct and to the point when talking to some people. You can see him mumbling to himself about something, but those are rare cases. He's also become a somewhat realist. He will try his best to keep a head held high for others and for his own sake, especially in front of Anklet and Kit. But despite his stubbornness, somewhat lack of care for his safety and himself, you can bet your ass Obi will defend you to the death if you're a friend of his.

Bio: Once upon a time there was a fallen angel named Obi. He was in dire need of Jesus. Upon his time in Daten, he found other people who were also in dire need of Jesus. These are the people he called his friends, and eventually his family. During the time they spent in Daten, Obi, along with his older sister, spent their time repenting ghosts, foiling demons plans and eventually settling into the fucked up city quite well. While his elder sibling was adjusting to the new life style of no 24/7 fightan games, Obi was already on a good role before the great fall, having already found himself a job at a local bakery with a certain turbonerd, getting his butt back into school and going college bound, and meeting the closest person he could call a brother. Yup! Things seemed like they were sailing smoothly for him altogether! And eventually after years of hard work and determination, the young fallen eventually got his fair share of heavens and was allowed back into the heavenly gates. Buuuut, he wasn't quite ready to go back just yet. Due to some personal reasons, Obi didn't go back up just yet. Instead, he joined his grandfather for a 3 year trip across the world for some well needed soul searching, leaving his friends and sister behind to whatever they would do, but promised them that he would all return and keep in touch with them all.

3 years pass, and Obi comes back to Daten, welcomed in open arms as he was greeted by his newly redeemed sister and of course, the friends he'd made in Daten. Plans to stay and train more were immediately set in stone, as well as take care of that personal thing back up in heaven (with support from his closest friends to help him of course). 

So, like his life prior before his leaving, it seemed as if things were looking as clear as they were before! His future was bright, his friends had been with him through good and bad, and he nothing would ever change that... Right?

Boy, was he so wrong. He was so goddamn wrong.

Like everyone else in the abbey and in Daten, no one expected 2033 to be the year where everything went to complete and utter chaos.

Obi didn't know what to do. Nearly all of his friends were dying left and right, and the fact that the heavens were being assaulted as well, terrified him to the core. Not knowing what to do, he did what pretty much everyone else did; run. Run as fast as he could as he tried to save as much of whatever he could find. But for now, all that he and sister could do was lay low with the others....

Years, decades, centuries. Who knew how long it had been to Obi before he was able to find a suitable living place in Delta base with his sister. But over the years, the boy's personality had changed. He'd become less joyous and goofy and more of a realist, more soft spoken and that of a loner. Although he did speak most of the time and did show some smiles to people, private conversations with him over pc or in real life could prove one thing; the boy was not well. His sister was noticeable about this, spying his younger brother going days without sleep and carrying around multiple books, often talking to himself saying that he'd "help you in anyway possible", and when he got off of whatever work he was doing, he'd retreat to....somewhere.

Eventually, the elder sister left to help out at Sigma, asking the closest people she knew (in this case, Kit and Anklet) to just message the boy now and then to see how he was doing.

And then, April 26th happened. Things began to take a turn for the screwy for Obi as he couldn't help but feel some sort of blame inside of himself as the possibility that his sister was quite possibly dead began to haunt him. Nights seemed more colder, the empty space that is their room seemed more haunted. And the night terrors.... oh, the night terrors and how they haunted him. Ranging from simple noises coming from his secret room, to seeing moving figures in the night, the terrors continued for days on end, eventually getting even more twisted and haunting as bastardized images began to haunt him as well, reminders of his past being brought up as the boy could do nothing but run away from them. But the more he ran, the more they taunted him. Calling him weak and not worthy to even be fit to be called an angel.

This angered him. Greatly. This in result with locking himself away from others resulted in a rather destructive episode of lucid dreaming which then almost resulted in a suicide from the tired boy. But he managed to wake up in time and see the damage he had brought. His secret room, nearly destroyed and decimated as fragments of his past possessions laid shattered on the floor. Seeing his destructiveness come back was almost like a flashback to when he fell in the first place, which scared him even greater. And so, through some thinking and getting some actual sleep, Obi packed his bags and made his way towards Psi, hoping for a change of scenery as well as a way to cause no worry towards those he cared about. He was elated upon knowing that his sister was at least the ten percent whom were unharmed...somewhat. She did come out scarred, but was still nonetheless fine.

Upon arriving, Obi found himself getting reacquainted with an old acquaintance, as well as meet some cool new friends. Along with discovering the library and finding his calling as a part time nanny in the orphanage, Obi is beginning to slowly bring put together the pieces that is his former personality, and also trying to find his true calling outside of the bases and to protect the only place he can call a home.

Even if it means getting a few smacks across the head to remind him that he's not alone.

Relations with others:

Absolutely ADORES her. Practically considers and loves her a second mother.  But over the years, he has seen her personality change into more of a serious tone, fitting the role of Ophanim extremely well. But in a way, he's found himself almost scared/intimidated of her. Don't get him wrong, he absolutely cares for her with all of his heart, but there are days when he feels as if he can't get the exact words out of his mouth when talking to her (stuttering, silence, groans, etc.). But, a smack on the back of the head often get's him back to reality and back to talking terms with her. He knows that she is a busy person, and is often not the first to start up a conversation with her unless it's either important or she starts first. But besides some goof ups here and there, Obi considers Kit to be a huge part of his family and wouldn't have it any other way.

-Anklet: Like Kit, Obi absolutely adores the Cherubim as well. Anklet was the first fallen angel friend he made in Daten. And seeing how far he had come from a fallen to a Cherubim made him ever the more proud of him even more. He has butted some heads with him over the years, but it's mostly either sparring or joking around. Considers him to be a good father figure and a brother, and would gladly serve along his side.

-Tragus: Considers him to be a blast around. Obi was rather surprised and pleased to see the young human grow up into a fine man, and finds it rather humorous to see him develop traits from his parents. Hell, even Obi found himself getting some of Trag's forgetfulness rubbing onto him (Even though he denies it.)

Longcoat: Although he never really talked with the snarky medic that much, there are days where he does try to converse with him when not busy. Some days are a usual "Hey," followed by a "S'up?" Other days are about a good 3-5 minute convo. Jokingly refer's to him as "Doktor".

-Romper: A friendly soul and a damn good tailor at that, Obi enjoys spending time with the resident blacksmith whenever he's in Psi. He also trusts her as someone to vent to about stuff every now and then. Also hey, another ridiculously long haired person to be friends with.

-Pom: Although he adores almost every single kid in the orphanage, (even the ones that are lil' shits most of the time,) There's something about Pom to the angel that makes him feel very.... paternal towards her. Maybe it's the fact that she never really had anyone to call a parent during her time growing up in the wastelands, or maybe it's the fact that the girl somehow manages to make him smile on the roughest of days. Either way, Obi considers Pom to be a nice and extremely warm welcome into his extended family.

-Chaqueta: Hoo mama, where did this chickadee come from?! It started as a simple glance from afar. Then it turned into bumping into each other at the orphanage. The next thin0g he knows, the two are chatting up a storm about... well, anything! Upon first look at the former news reporter, Obi found himself immediately interested in the girl. And as the weeks went by, Obi found himself slowly growing fond of her company. She had quite the stories, knew how to handle herself in battle, and was just.... a cutie. He may not notice it, but he get's the honeyglow running to his cheeks whenever he spends some time with Chaqueta, and hopefully will get to know her better.

Sleeves: He's his sister, of course he loves the girl to death! Granted, the two have had their fair share of rocky roads along the way. Between Sleeves pressuring him to join up as a recruit and Obi's silence not really being the words that the elder sibling would necessarily want to hear, and you have some good bickering here and there. But in actuality, Sleeves just wants her brother to do well so she wouldn't have to worry so much about him when he does get into a fight. She's just not exactly the best person to know how to put it into words.


- His henshin has still remained the same  after all these years.

-Guinness isn't his only weapon! He has Oldman, a Crescent Moon Spade given to him by his grandfather after his three year travel with him.

-Still has a few nightmares once every few weeks, but never as intense as they were the night terrors.

- Has a mother and father that were up in heaven pre-war wise. As of now, their information/whereabouts is still pretty unknown to both siblings.

- Has grown out his hair by a fuck-ton. This decision was based off of a conversation he had with Kit, saying that he'd look quote on quote "pretty hella" if he grew it. This has lead to many of the kids using it as hiding spots, a snuggie, puling on it for fun and to get his attention, and most notably, some of them calling him "Mufasa" or a lion.

-Will play the part of the supportive rock often too much, which has lead to him getting a few scrapes now and then. Dismisses them as flesh wounds and tells others not to worry. Spoiler alert: Some worry.

-Has a secret room in his Delta place in which he meditates.

- Has recently discovered a new fear: Disappointing and letting others down. Seeing how the closest people to a mother and father figure are heads of bases, Obi knew he had to work hard. In fact, it's one of the few reasons why he chose to join; to not let them down. Couple that with wanting to prove the night terrors that taunted him wrong, and the angel does his best to push himself to try and not only protect himself, but also the family he's grown to know and love.

-Often thinks that many of his friends could be better off without him. And then get's smacked in the back of the head back to reality by said friend(s).

-Has a a various arrangement of cloaks.

-Has shown interest in learning magic.

-Still has his Zipper Rat Netsuke to this day. Granted missing an eye and leg.

-Has had a few incidents where he has almost tripped on his hair. One incident being during a race against Pom. Fell flat right on his face.

-Still carves wood as a hobby. Makes little figurines for the kids and friends.

-Chumhandle: mildtemperedGuardian

I haven't updated this damn thing in a while.

But yeah. I'm gonna write some shit in the few weeks that I have before my fall classes start and TRY to actually get motivated and stick to them.

And they are as followed...

More OCT Auditions: (Feel as if I can expand after I did some stuff on Child's Play which was a ton of fun)

Gifts for the following peeps.

:iconbelayalapa: (Because I haven't written her a thing in ages, and because original stories are awesome. Also she's idol, so wow.)

:iconi-wish-i-was-a-seiyu:and :iconmuftiday: (Probably will be sent on tumblr and because AUs and stuff)

:iconfaroresvault: , :iconvividexplorer: , :iconroamingpandas: , and :icontheprophetgamer: (Because stories and gifts about each other's OC's are cool, right??)

New original stuff based off of some OC's of mine I still need to introduce (which actually got me thinking of might making it a comic?? If I can find someone to collab with.)

stuff for :icondcwastelands: and :icondcmissionaries: so I can actually be an active potato on their.

Also, need to get back into using my Mic more often for Voice acting reasons. That'll definitely be next year's resolution. And more acting classes as well.

But yeah! Not gonna get this all done in a few weeks, but that'll definitely be on the to-do list!!
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